Previous Local Conventions (2017)

List of Local School Conventions

For your information, below is a list of conventions that took place as part of the 2017 Victorian Students’ Parliamentary Program.

Geelong Lutheran College
Convention date: Tuesday 18 July
Topic: Current challenges to S116 and of the Constitution and to the implied right of political communication

Lalor Secondary College
Convention date: Friday 28 July 2017
Topic: Should the Marriage Act 1961 be amended by the Australian Parliament to recognise marriage equality?

Sacred Heart College, Kyneton
Convention date: Thursday 27 July
Topic: Should the Federal Government intervene in Australia's energy production due to the national and international issues presented by climate change.

Strathcona BGGS
Convention date: Friday 28 July 2017
Topic: Australia’s Constitution is obsolete. It offers no protection or security to equip Australia to face future global challenges.

The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School
Convention date: Friday 28 July
Topic: Australia’s response to terrorism treats the symptoms, not the causes

Wodonga Senior Secondary College
Convention date: Thursday 20 July 2017
Topic: Australia’s approach to protecting people’s rights is outdated. How can we create a positive change for future generations?

Other Conventions being held in Victoria
Please see attached programs for funded and unfunded Conventions taking place. Schools are welcome to attend any of the Conventions. Please contact host schools directly.

For more information regarding the Victorian Students’ Parliamentary Program and the National Schools' Constitutional Convention, please contact:

National Curriculum Services
Telephone: 03 9415 1299

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