List of Local Conventions 2018

For your information below is a list of Local School Constitutional Conventions funded by the Department of Education and Training. Conventions will be held in May and June 2018.

Nossal High School (Berwick)
8 May 2018
Topic: The Australian Constitution should be amended to enshrine a ‘First Nations’ Voice to Parliament’ to promote and advance reconciliation
Contact: Jane Denman at

Scotch College (Hawthorn)
23 May 2018
Topic: Should the Australian Constitution be amended to include a bill of human rights?
Contact: Michele Linossier at

Monivae College (Hamilton)
12 June 2018
Topic: Should the preamble in the Australian Constitution be amended to include recognition of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders?
Contact: Sofia Vearing at

Lalor Secondary College (Lalor)
22 June 2018
Topic: Should we continue to celebrate nationhood in the 21st Century and if so, how and on what date?
Contact: Peter Leos at

Gladstone Park Secondary College (Gladstone Park) - Cancelled
25 June 2018
Topic: Constitution – is Section 128 still relevant? (Section 44)
Contact: Adrien Saliba at

Koonung Secondary College (Mont Albert North)
26 June 2018
Topic: Does Australia still need a Head of State?
Contact: Pauline Volpe at

Other Conventions being held in Victoria

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar (Canterbury)
11 May 2018

Topic: That Australia should amend its Constitution and mandate an equal representation of males and females in Federal Parliament
Contact: Karyn Murray at

Mater Christi College (Belgrave)
20 June 2018

Topic: Freedom of speech versus hate speech. Where should the legal and social lines be drawn?
Contact: James Bakker at

Schools are welcome to attend any of the Conventions. Please contact host schools directly.

For more information regarding the Victorian Students’ Parliamentary Program, please contact:
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