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Local and Secondary Schools' Parliamentary Convention

The Victorian Students’ Parliamentary Program aims to provide opportunities that support the civic learning and active participation in democratic processes of all Victorian students through local, state and national parliamentary programs and in school activities, and to support the professional learning of civics and citizenship education.

Local Constitutional Conventions provide Years 9 – 12 students with the opportunity to discuss contemporary social and legal issues, and especially those relating to the Australian Constitution. The local schools convention will be held in, May, June or July 2017.

Around 100 students who attended one of the local school conventions or similar Civics and Citizenship activities across Victoria will be eligible to apply to attend the Secondary Schools’ Parliamentary Convention which will be held at Parliament House, Melbourne on Tuesday 12 September 2017. The topic is ‘Should Australia abolish compulsory voting and should the voting age be lowered to 16?’

For more details on the Victorian Students' Parliamentary Program, please download the 'Information for schools' document available on this page.

Key Dates

Local Conventions May – July 2017
Primary Schools Parliamentary Convention Tuesday 15 August 2017
Secondary Schools Parliamentary Convention Tuesday 12 September 2017
National Schools Constitutional Convention 20 - 22 March 2018

Applying to attend the National Schools Constitutional Convention

For students wishing to apply to attend the National Schools Constitutional Convention, an application form is available for download on this page.

For teachers wishing to apply to attend the National Schools Constitutional Convention as a supervisor, instructions on the application process are available for download on this page.

For more information regarding the Victorian Students’ Parliamentary Program and the National Schools' Constitutional Convention, please contact National Curriculum Services (NCS):

National Curriculum Services
Telephone: 03 9415 1299